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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle

Explore the award-winning digital marketing companies in Newcastle upon Tyne, specialising in services such as, seo, content marketing UX design, branding, web design and development, , social media marketing etc.

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Digital marketing companies in Newcastle


All Newcastle agencies in this directory have been vetted and verified against the following criteria:

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  • Reliable Services
  • Sectoral Expertise
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  • Tangent

    We help enterprise organisations build future-ready digital experiences, products, and capabilities with a focus on People, Planet & Purpose.

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Digital marketing services in Newcastle

  • everything-digital-agency


    Everything is a design and branding agency. We work with ambitious clients who want to make a difference in the world.

  • venture-stream-digital-agency-newcastle-uk

    Venture Stream

    A no-nonsense award-winning eCommerce agency, specialising in the delivery of website development and marketing solutions.

  • shout-digital-agency

    Shout Digital

    We help clients turn innovative, forward thinking ideas into digital products that deliver value for their business.

  • mira-marketing-agency

    MIRA Marketing

    Results and performance-driven digital marketing agency. We ensure we are aligned with your business and goals to achieve success together.

  • harvey-andhugo-digital-agency

    Harvey & Hugo

    We provide high quality PR, social media and content marketing services to help our clients grow their brands.

  • cbsocial-digital-agency


    Paid social media management tailored for e-commerce.

  • Wistl-digital-agency-newcastle


    A creative agency dedicated to building your small business. WISTL is a collective of like-minded creatives based in Newcastle upon Tyne producing creative cut-through.

  • radial-path-digital-agency-uk

    Radial Path

    Digital performance marketing agency helping global B2B brands in digital infrastructure, telco and tech to drive demand, expand into new markets and launch products.

  • clickzilla-digital-agency


    Clickzilla digital marketing agency offers practical online marketing solutions to help businesses increase their visibility using SEO, link building, PPC & more.

  • cal-partners-digital-agency

    Cal Partners

    Award winning North East marketing & business development agency for professional services firms.

  • hedgehog-lab-digital-agency


    If you’re wondering how technology can help to solve your most complex business problems, you’ve come to the right place.

  • jump-digital-agency


    JUMP is the agency of choice for ambitious brands. We create strategic design and digital solutions.

  • Linguakey-digital-agency

    Lingua Communication Services

    Passionate about the written word and advocates for change, we’re the content marketing agency enabling tech brands to realise their bold visions.

  • woods-and-walker-digital-agency

    Woods & Walker

    Founded in 2015, we are a development, design & digital consultancy studio based in Newcastle Upon Tyne offering high-end digital solutions.

  • two-lighthouses-digital-agency

    Two Lighthouses

    Two Lighthouses helps businesses achieve their potential through genius marketing and eCommerce solutions.

  • ADM-digital-agency

    Aspire Digital Marketing

    A small but ambitious digital marketing agency in Newcastle and London. Services: Social Media, Paid Media, SEO, Content, & WordPress Design & Development.

Questions to Help You Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Newcastle
What are some ways to find a digital marketing agency specifically in Newcastle?

 Newcastle is a vibrant city with a unique character, and there are several ways you can find a digital marketing agency in Newcastle. You can start by checking out our directory page, attending local networking events or industry meetups, or looking for local industry associations or groups. You can also use local SEO techniques, conduct social media searches with Newcastle-related keywords or hashtags, or check with local business associations or chambers of commerce for recommendations.

I would like to make sure that the digital marketing agency I choose to work with understands the unique aspects of Newcastle market, what should I do?

It is beneficial to choose a digital marketing agency that has a thorough understanding of the local market and the unique characteristics of the city. Here are some suggestions that might help you assess their expertise in the local market.

You can review their portfolio to see their work.

You can inspect their case studies to see if they have worked with clients in Newcastle or the surrounding region.

And lastly you can inquire about their experience in the local market and request testimonials from their former local clients. 

Are there any local digital marketing events or communities in Newcastle that I can join to connect with agencies?

Absolutely! Newcastle has a vibrant digital marketing community with local events and communities that you can join to connect with digital marketing agencies. Keep an eye out for industry meetups, networking events, or business gatherings in Newcastle that focus on digital marketing. You can also join social media groups, forums, or communities related to digital marketing or local business in Newcastle to network with agencies and get recommendations from fellow business owners or marketers.

What are the tricks for ensuring that the digital marketing agency’s prices fit my budget?

Budget is an important consideration when choosing a digital marketing agency in Newcastle. During the evaluation process, you can request detailed proposals from shortlisted agencies that outline their pricing structure, services, and expected outcomes. Also discussing your budget requirements from the very beginning might be a good idea.  Please remember, although the cost is an important aspect while choosing an agency, the quality of services and the level of expertise is the determining factor of the end product. Even when an agency’s price is higher than another, the outcome of the provided services can generate a positive return on investments (ROI) and make you profit more in the long run.

How can I ensure that the digital agency I hire will understand and represent the characteristics of my business?

It’s essential to choose a digital agency that can understand and represent the characteristics of your business. Before deciding on the agency you will work with, it is worth inquiring about the agency’s approach to understanding your business’s needs. Working with an agency that understands your target audience and your local market can yield great results. So to make sure to have a great outcome, you can ask for their portfolio, or ask them to provide you with case studies of past work with clients in similar industries with you.