Advertise on DAN

Advertise on DAN

DAN offers high quality advertising solutions for digital agencies and brands to raise awareness and attract the most qualified leads.

Why should you advertise on DAN?

The Right Audience

Over 90% of DAN’s traffic is organic and generated from digital marketing related keywords.

Various Ad Solutions

DAN offers diverse ad formats for both raising brand awareness and driving traffic to your agency’s website.

Online Growth

DAN ads will help your listing to gain more awareness and boost your website’s click rates approximately 10 times.

Digital Agency Network is an indispensable online resource for agencies, brands and the global community of marketers. Every month, our website gets over 295,000 monthly visits by an audience looking for the top digital marketing agencies, best practice advice, tips, tricks and insights about how to do business better online.

Advertising Options


Featured Agency Ads

DAN offers featured agency ads to its member agencies which is located on top of the city directory pages. Prices vary by placements and therefore estimated clicks. As the higher ad placement brings more visibility, featured ads will help member agencies gain more traffic. These ads draw CTRs up to 10 times of our alphabetical listings.


Agency of the Month Ads

Every month, we highlight one agency from each of our 7 regions. These ads are displayed across multiple sections on the website such as the homepage, sidebar and regional directory pages. Agency of the month ads boost the total clicks to your website, as well as the awareness of your digital agency. We also promote these ads on our social channels to generate additional benefits.


Featured Tool ADS

Vendors looking to gain more traffic can get featured on top of the category pages.

featured tools

Tool of the Month ADS

Each month, DAN features “Tools of the Month” from different tool categories at the homepage and Tools page.

tools of the month

Featured Vendor

Get featured in a monthly newsletter that goes to 2,600+ agency decision-makers.


Sponsored Content

Publish promotional content to reach digital marketers and reap the PR and SEO benefits.


Editor’s Pick

Get featured in our top-performing "product directory" posts to generate more leads.

editors pick

In-Page Display Ads

Promote your product and increase sales with an in-page banner ad in our blog post.


Sidebar Banner Ads

Promote your product and increase sales with Sidebar Banner Ads in our feed, event, and job section.


Pop-up Ads

Grab the opportunity to be displayed in the feed section to gain website traffic and generate qualified leads.

pop-up ads

Sponsored Category Ad

Brand one of the blog categories related to your product or service and publish in-page banner ads at blog contents under that category.

sponspored category ads

eGuide Sponsorships Takeover Package

Take your place at custom eGuides prepared by DAN together with industry leaders from agencies and the digital-centric companies.


Co-Created eGuide Package

Bring together your knowledge, skills, and experiences to create insightful eGuides prepared by DAN with industry leaders from agencies and digital-centric companies.


Testimonials From DAN Members

Growing SaaS tools and boosting their SaaS marketing strategies is our mission.

Advertise on Digital Agency Network

Advertising on DAN can be a highly effective way to expand your reach and
improve your agency or brand’s online presence.

How to advertise my business on DAN?

We have ad solutions for members and non-members. You may see all the advertising options above. Please send an email to [email protected] for more details including advertising costs and plans and DAN team will get back to you shortly.

Can I advertise without being a member?

We offer advertising options to our paid member agencies only. You can explore the packages and apply for DAN a membership here.

We’ll share further details on membership and advertising options as soon as we receive your submission.

How long does the advertisement stay online?

Featured agency ads and Agency of the month ads are reserved on monthly basis and stay online for the reserved month. Other ad options stay online for the lifespan of the related page or newsletter. For more details please contact us at [email protected]

When should I contact you to reserve an ad?

We make ad reservations on a first come first serve basis. In the case that required ad placement is still available, the deadline for submitted reservation should be at least one month prior to the ad going live.