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Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Halifax

Explore the top digital marketing agencies in Halifax. Digital marketing companies offering creative branding, web design, UX design, eCommerce, SEO, content marketing, online marketing, social media marketing and digital advertising services in Halifax, Canada.

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Digital marketing services in Halifax

  • Be-responsive-digital-agency

    BeResponsive Media

    BeResponsive is a creative digital marketing agency specializing in digital marketing services & one of Halifax's leading digital marketing firms.

  • grandway-marketing-digital-agency

    Grandway Marketing

    Digital marketing agency ranked as a top web design company in Halifax, providing a variety of digital marketing and creative services.

  • stir-creative-digital-agency


    We believe in coming up with ideas and turning them into work that is innovative and measurable. Taking on projects that challenge us creatively and make us go.

  • cossette-digital-agency


    We are an eclectic collective with multifaceted expertise. Together we make things that matter, things that go beyond.

  • trampoline-digital-agency


    We seek out great organizations creating great products and exceptional experiences - then we commit ourselves completely.

  • arrivals+departures-digital-agency

    Arrivals + Departures Advertising

    Inspired by travel and the journeys we take with each other and our clients, the name A+D drives us to always arrive at precise strategic insights and creative solutions.

  • konnekt-digital-agency


    Konnekt is a small and energetic digital agency that empowers organizations to meaningfully engage their audiences online.

  • kula-partners-digital-agency

    Kula Partners

    An agency committed to helping leading B2B manufacturers craft digital experiences that transform how they engage buyers, serve customers, and outpace their competition.

  • verb-interactive-digital-agency

    VERB Interactive

    VERB Interactive is a leader in digital marketing, specializing in solutions for the travel and hospitality industry.

  • intouch-com-agency

    InTouch Communications + Proptonics

    At InTouch Communications, we work with you to build and strengthen your brand through effective strategies and creative content.

  • time-and-space-media-digital-agency-halifax

    Time + Space Media

    Time + Space is a media agency committed to helping you profile, reach and engage with your customers.

  • prime-creative-digital-agency-halifax-ca

    Prime Creative

    Full-service marketing agency with extensive communications, branding, digital, social media, SEO, website design and development experience.

  • burke-burke-marketing-agency-halifax

    Burke+Burke Design

    Burke & Burke – the original boutique marketing firm in Halifax. Since 1985, we've developed award-winning marketing, brands, websites and advertising.

  • colour-digital-agency-halifax-canada


    Through Colour Social, Colour Creative and Colour PR we balance the worlds of digital, advertising and public affairs by bringing them together around creative ideas.

  • outshine-digital-marketing-agencies-halifax-ca


    We drive revenue for B2B companies by connecting digital advertising, analytics, CRM and automation data—creating a single point of truth that brings marketing together.

  • aptitude-digital-agency

    Aptitude Digital

    Headquartered in Halifax Nova Scotia, Aptitude Digital focuses on connecting our clients with their target audiences.

  • weusthem-digital-agency-halifax-ca


    An internationally reputed full-service ad agency. From media tools to the design, development and management of social properties, our services enviable list of clients.

Questions to Help You Choose The Best Digital Marketing Agencies in Halifax
What are the key services offered by digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Canada?

Halifax-based digital marketing agencies provide various services ranging from search engine optimization to pay-per-click advertising, and social media marketing to conversion rate optimization. After determining your business needs, choosing the right agency will be a piece of cake, as we’ve already listed the top digital marketing agencies in Halifax for you!

How can I determine if a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada has experience working with local businesses?

You can inquire about the agency’s experience working with businesses in the Halifax region, their understanding of the local consumer behavior, market trends and competition to evaluate the agency’s local market knowledge. Insights and strategies from a digital marketing agency with in-depth local market knowledge will help you better target your audience and reach your business objectives.

What factors should I consider when choosing a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada?

There a few factors to consider when choosing a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada. One of them being their expertise in the marketing industry, as well as the industry you specialise in. Their local market knowledge, track record of success and their team’s qualifications, pricing and packages, and reporting process are the following factors you should take into consideration. The agency should be able to understand the unique characteristics of the Halifax market and to be able to tailor strategies specifically to your business.

How can I assess the expertise of a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada?

You can asses the expertise by asking for agency’s portfolio and case studies and review their credentials, certifications, and industry experience. You can ask about their experience in your industry and their ability to develop effective marketing strategies.

How can I assess the communication skills of a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada?

For every collaboration, communication and reporting is highly crucial. To align in your goals and strategies, clear and timely communication is essential and it ensures that you and the agency are on the same page. To assess the performance of your digital marketing campaigns, necessary reporting must be one of the services your partner agency provides for transparency and accountability. You should look for an agency that has streamlined its communication procedures, delivers frequent updates and reports, and responds to your inquiries and concerns.

How do digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Canada approach social media management for businesses?

In order to analyze success and make fact-based decisions, digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Canada may employ a variety of social media management strategies, such as creating content, scheduling, community management, social media advertising, and analytics.

What are the pricing models commonly used by digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Canada?

Different pricing models, including hourly rates, monthly retainer fees, project-based pricing, and performance-based pricing, may be employed by Halifax-based digital marketing agencies. Before partnering with your potential digital agency partner,  it’s essential to discuss and comprehend their pricing policy and payment terms.

Can a digital marketing agency in Halifax, Canada help with online advertising campaigns?

Absolutely! Although the area they specialize in may differ, many digital marketing agencies in Halifax, Canada can provide online advertising services such as Pay-Per-Click or social media marketing campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn to drive targeted traffic and generate leads or sales.