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Best Product Feed Management Tools

Product Feed Management Tools for agencies focus on powering up their product data while expanding their sales channels. We’ve gathered the best Product Management Tools for agencies to improve their eCommerce operations.

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Channable is the ultimate PPC & Feed Management automation solution for digital marketing agencies and brands. Powerful enough to create, enrich, optimize, and export your clients’ Product data feeds to 2,500+ ad platforms, marketplaces and affiliate platforms.



Discover PPCDATAFEED: manage product feeds, create templates, and optimize your product catalogs in many ways. Create custom feeds for any channel, like Shopping Ads or Facebook catalogs. Integrate XML for powerful PPC campaigns. Elevate your online presence today!

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  • feedance-product-feed-management-tools


    Feedance, an e-commerce platform, optimizes product feeds, integrates with various systems, and empowers businesses with a unique creative suite. Enhance your online presence, reach targeted customers effortlessly, and create stunning content in seconds.

  • wakeupdata-product-feed-management-tool


    Send optimized product listings to hundreds of comparison websites, affiliate platforms, and marketplaces through the WakeupData platform.

  • godatafeed-ecommerce-marketing-tool


    Automate product attribute enhancements, connect to channels seamlessly, get listings approved faster, and sync feed updates automatically.

  • datafeedwatch-ecommerce-software


    DataFeedWatch is a leading Feed Management Solution that combines Data Transformation with Help & Advice, empowering Merchants and Agencies to succeed on 2,000+ eCommerce channels like Google, Facebook and Amazon.

  • pimcore-customer-data-platform


    Pimcore enables you to accurately tailor product data in bulk and optimize every last detail, so you can make the most of each touchpoint and stand out from the crowd.

  • lengow-product-feed-management-tool


    Lengow is the ecommerce automation solution that helps brands and distributors improve their performance, automate their business processes and grow internationally.

  • shoppingfeed-product-feed-management-tool


    With Shoppingfeed, control the distribution channels of your products, seize every opportunity, and easily deploy to new markets.

  • channelpilot-product-feed-management-tool


    ChannelPilot is a cloud-based, innovative multichannel solution for online shops, agencies and brands.

  • salsify-product-feed-management-tool


    Salsify helps you easily deliver the product content and feed that is right for each retailer - in the manner in which they want to receive it.

  • neto-product-feed-management-tool


    Create specifically optimised product and order feeds for all your sales channels and fulfilment locations to ensure the delivery of top quality data.

  • suredone-product-feed-management-tool


    SureDone allows eCommerce retailers to effortlessly sell products, manage inventory, fulfil orders, process shipping, and optimize pricing across multiple channels and marketplaces.

  • plytix-product-feed-management-tool


    Plytix is the all-in-one Product Information Management platform for Omnichannel Marketing. It combines PIM with Digital Asset Management, Product Data Syndication, Catalog Creation Software and Analytics.

  • highstreet-io-product-feed-management-tool

    They handle the technical details of synchronizing product information and inventory from brands and retailers to market their products online around the globe.

  • shoptimised-product-feed-management-tool


    They help ecommerce businesses sell more products online through Google Shopping with their innovative and award-winning Product Feed Optimisation and Incremental Sales software.

  • intelligentreach-product-feed-management-tool


    Their product visibility cloud enables eCommerce and marketing teams to easily visualise, validate, correct and optimise product data feeds at a scale across channels and marketplaces.

  • productsup-product-feed-management-tool


    Productsup frees brands, retailers, service providers, and marketplaces from commerce anarchy. The product-to-consumer (P2C) platform processes over two trillion products a month, empowering long-term business success.

  • channeladvisor-product-feed-management-tool


    They help brands and retailers improve their online performance by expanding sales channels, connecting with consumers across the entire buying cycle, optimizing their operations and providing actionable analytics.

  • feedonomics-product-feed-management-tool


    Feedonomics combines best-in-class technology and service to list your products everywhere people shop online, including Google Shopping, Amazon, and Facebook.

  • webgility-inventory-management-software


    Webgility's automation software posts, tracks, and syncs eCommerce sales data, orders, accounting, inventory, and shipping enabling online sellers to run their multichannel business from a single dashboard in real-time.

What is Product Feed Management Software for Agencies?

Product feed management tools refer to a whole of digital files that contain detailed product information. Product id, title, description, images, stock level, prices are just some of the important components in the product data feed. Keeping all this information in one steady place makes data management and optimization easier.


Effective product feed management relies on gathering all the information digital marketers need to increase the results of your sales channels efforts. Product data management software updates product feed in real time while helping run a successful feed optimization process. For store owners, these real time updates are highly important. As there is a constant movement in their shopping channels, product catalogues or stock levels, getting help from the eCommerce feed management tools is vital for them.


While choosing feed management software for small businesses, make sure that the feed management tool meets all your requirements when creating and optimizing your product feed. Once the feed is optimized well, it will improve the match rate of your products on search engines with the right search queries. So that helps the conversion rate to increase.


During the shopping feed optimization process, creating the right product feed that matches related sales channel comes into prominence. These optimizations cover product title improvement, categorization, image optimization and much more. Google Shopping has several features that can help optimize your product feed. It is one of the best feed management software that lets users search for different products online and do price comparison between different vendors.


What is the Benefit of Using Product Feed Management Tools for Agencies?


Simply, data feed management tools allow agencies to gain greater control over their client’s product data and improve their online presence. If the product information the seller provides is updated regularly, each sales channel requirement will be fulfilled. This helps optimize the product feed and boost online sales campaigns.


We have included only the best product feed management software for agencies above to supercharge their clients’ sales performance.

What are the Features of Product Feed Management Tools?


Easy Feed Creation

When businesses decided to expand, creating and managing product data feed gets harder. Even small businesses struggle with feed management and optimization. Product feed management tools ease both the creation and management process from data importation to optimization.


Detailed Analytics

Detailed reporting and analytics dashboard product feed management tools for agencies keep all product-related information in one place. It shows each data coming from search engines and channels. Keeping track of conversions, CTRs and CPAs, discovering best and worst-performing products are some of the metrics the dashboard provides.


Real time Updates

By using product feed management tools, agencies can inform their clients with real time notifications. Buyers want to see the freshest information about the products they are close to purchasing or even viewing. Also, real time inventory data helps your feeds stay fully up to date.


Automated Feed Optimization

Automation is a must-have feature for product feed management software because it brings a high level of sales. Constant feed creation without making optimizations will not make any sense. If all the information a product needs is updated in real time in the product feed, it will be possible to successfully list the product in search engines.


Multiple Integrations

As the number of integration abilities increases, it will directly affect the number of potential customers. You can easily integrate your product feed with other shopping cart platforms like Magento, Shopify etc. Multiple integrations product feed management software offers also eases the feed creation and management processes for store owners.

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